A member of our M2M team has been Awarded by KTH (Sweden)

Charalampos Kalalas, member of our M2M team, has been awarded with the KTH ISSLS 2000 Foundation Scholarship in Sweden.

Charalampos has been awarded on November 2014 with the Swedish ISSLS 2000 Foundation Scholarship of KTH for the M.Sc. Thesis Project “Enabling LTE for Control System Applications in a Smart Grid Context”.

The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate scientific research and education within the telecommunication area, specifically those areas which are or will be of importance for the development of various types of access networks. Relevant for this grant is also education within adjacent fields that are of importance for the continuing developments of communication based services.

The scholarship is awarded to students that excel in a distinguished way through a degree project at the M.Sc. level which is well executed, insightful and of high quality. The results from the project should furthermore be expected to make a valuable contribution to the development of various types of access networks or the development of services for communication networks.

Charalampos Kalalas is now a Marie Curie fellow within the research project ADVANTAGE (FP7-607774), hosted by CTTC, and is currently pursuing his PhD in ICT technologies for the Smart Grid at the PhD Program of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).


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