IoT Networks Event and Smart City Expo


Next Wednesday, November 16th, I will be opening, chairing and conducting the IoT Networks Event in Barcelona. Among others, we will hold a panel to discuss about Private or Public IoT Networks?

I always try to be updated on my tech readings, but I usually also try to read even more updated information when I am about to discuss with the top reputed experts in the area; as it will happen in a couple of days. Very excited about it, by the way! Along my search for latest news about the topic, I have come across this very nice read which I highly recommend to those interested in the topic. I will come back by the end of the week with the take away messages that I can take from the discussion on Wednesday.

In addition to this highly interesting event, this week, I will also attend the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. This event turns Barcelona into a Smart City hot spot for 3 days. Exhibitors and a set of talks from reputed experts in the area will be running for 3 days. This will set the technology focus in Barcelona, once again. Of course, CTTC cannot miss this opportunity, and we will have a booth there. I will take the opportunity to talk to users, experts, techies, entrepreneurs and even politicians; these events are really nice to share knowdledge with people and always, always learn.

Hope to see you around!


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