Business Development in the Internet of Things: A Matter of Vertical Cooperation

Hi my friends,

Last February 2017, we published a new magazine article in the prestigious IEEE Communications Magazine journal. This journal publication has an impact factor of 10.435, being positioned in the top list of most influential journals in the telecom area.

We are very proud to have got a business-related paper published in a journal aimed at a technical and highly-specialized engineering audience. This audience is, indeed, showing a growing interest in better understanding the needs of businesses to steer their research and innovation actions and thus be able to maximize impact. The European Commission, providing big amounts of money to conduct research and innovation actions, is claiming for such connection between research, development, innovation, and business opportunities. Conducting R&D and Innovation is about having impact.

The summary and take-away message of the paper is the following:

Smart and connected devices can improve industrial processes, and generate new and better services. While this premise is well understood within the ICT industry, there is a challenge in extending this knowledge to vertical industries. The potential of the Internet of Things lies in the interaction among industries working together toward value co-creation. Firms need to look beyond their internal business models and explore cooperative perspectives to define new business opportunities. In this article, we look into the relevance of vertical cooperation in the area of IoT and highlight the need to develop new value networks that leverage this cooperation and enable the creation of new business models. To lead our discussions, we use the examples of two major building blocks of smart cities: intelligent transport systems and health and well being services based on connected devices and solutions

You can have full access to the pre-edit version in this link.

You can have access to the final edited version in this link also.





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