Mobile World Congress 2019

Hello friends and colleagues,

Less than 48 hours to start a new edition of the Mobile World Congress. The moto this year is “Intelligent Connectivity”, and social media are already becoming full of messages with the tag #MWC19.

I have no doubt that main keywords this year will be (no surprises), on the technology side: 5G, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Blockchain; on the application side: Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, eHealth, and Autonomous and Connected cars/mobility.

This year, I will be actively participating in the #MWC19 to publicly present 5GCroCo. This is a pretty big innovation project, with a total budget of 17 million euro, partially funded by the European Commission under the 5GPPP umbrella which aims to trial 5G technologies for the cooperative, connected, and automated car in cross-border scenarios. In 5GCroCo, we will deploy large scale real-life tests in the 5G Corridor connecting the cities of Metz-Merzig-Luxembourg, and also small scale pilots in Barcelona, Montlhéry, and Munich. In addition, we will explore the business and regulation side of transnational automated mobility in Europe facilitated by 5G.

I have the great of honor of acting as the project coordinator of 5GCroCo. We have a very strong consortium of 24 partners from 7 European countries, representing leading big companies of both the telco and automotive sectors. We are sure that 5GCroCo will have a deep impact into technology validation, as well as thorough research work towards the definition of new business models and regulation recommendations to revolutionize EU transnational mobility.

If you want to learn more, you can:

So, let’s get ready to start an amazing new edition of the #MWC19.







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