Young Researcher Award by the Royal Academy of Engineering



I feel proud, honored, and deeply thankful for having been awarded, on the 19th of November 2019, with the “Young Researcher Award 2019” of the Spanish Royal Academy of Engineering.

This prize – named Agustín de Betancourt y Molina – recognizes, every year, a young researcher, in the age below 40, for his/her outstanding achievements in the early years of the professional career in a field of engineering. Particular focus is set on contributions and activities in the area of technology transfer.

In my particular case, I have been recognized for my contributions to the area of the Internet of Things, my leadership in both national and European projects, my activities related to technology transfer, and also my international projection demonstrated through participation in public speeches and discussion panels devoted to technology and innovation.

During the awards ceremony, I was invited to give a 20-minute speech to explain my career, my main activities and achievements, and also to say thanks to everyone who has helped me achieve this life-changing milestone in my life.

You can watch the entire speech, in Spanish, here:

Let me also share some pictures of the “big day” below.




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