Just joined i2CAT!

Hi all,

Last March 2021, I jumped into the future. I decided to move on in my professional career and joined i2CAT; i2CAT is an Applied Research and Innovation Center located in Barcelona, which areas of interest are focused on digital technologies: 5G and beyond wireless connectivity, Software Networks, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, Immersive Media, Artificial Intelligence, Satcoms, and also on understanding the crossing between technology and society.

The challenge ahead is twofold; I am joining a new institution and I am also changing my role. After 16 years conducting and leading a research team, I have joined i2CAT to contribute to the definition of Research and Innovation Policies and Strategies with the ultimate goal of making sure that i2CAT keeps on growing and strengthening its leading position in the European Research and Innovation Arena.

If you’re planning to participate in the Horizon Europe and/or Digital Europe programs, let me know and let’s talk!




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