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Dear friends,

Today I write this post to talk aboutĀ one of our new ventures: www.theiot.es.

What is this?

A new website and blog related to the IoT, with particular focus on wireless technology and applications.


There is so much information out there in the Internet related to the IoT that it becomes sometimes hard to keep focus on what is really worth reading. I personally spend lots of time in surfing the web and twitter to discover really worthy news and information related to the IoT.

After some random thoughts, I decided to set up a website with that information that I think is very interesting and relevant related to the IoT. And this is www.theiot.es.

What will be there?

– Links to interesting companies, alliances, products, etc.

– A Blog and Video Blog with entries written by myself talking about topics related to the IoT.

– A blog with entries written by contributors; these are people IĀ trust which I would love to invite to contribute to the website. If you’re interested in becoming a contributor, drop me an e-mail at “thinkaboutthetiot@gmail.com“.

Hope to see you around!