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Internet of Things (IoT)

Connectivity for the IoT

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

  • LTE Encyclopedia [6]

MAC prototyping platforms

  • OpenMAC platform [7]

Simulation of Wireless Networks

WLAN: IEEE 802.11

Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Bibliography [9].
  • Links related to Mobile Ad Hoc Networking [10].

On properly writing and reading papers

  • Oxford University Press Dictionary [11].
  • [12].

On properly presenting

Talking to people


  • Sobre filosofía y aprendizajes en secundaria (SPANISH) [14].

Psicology and Leadership

Funding for start-ups

  • 18-minute video on “Funding for Start-ups” by Luis Martin Cabiedes @Acció, Barcelona. AUDIO IN SPANISH. Vídeo.